2024 Spring Coed Season Opener

Hey Captains,
  1. Thank you for registering your team in our FUN SportsDome league.
  2. Make sure that ALL you players have the proper soccer equipment (cleats, shin guards & soccer socks)
  3. To be able to play in the Playoffs, a player needs to play 3 of the 6 regular season games
  4. For the teams that didn’t pay the team fee of 1300$ the deadline is April 10th. Etransfer to: pat_15_leger@hotmail.com Password: soccer
Have FUN!
Pat Léger

2023 Fall Playoff Schedule

Rec A Division League Playoffs

Rec B Division League Playoffs

Hey Captains,

Here is the Regular season standings:

1st – Inter-Moncton
2nd – Kick Vite *12 pts in 6 games (1 game less then others) = 2pts/game average x 7 games (like other teams) = So 14 pts for 7 games
3rd – Latinos FC (same points as Poppy Shop, but 2nd tie-breaker is best record against)
4th – Poppy Shop FC

REC A Consolation Playoffs:
5th – SportsDome FC (same points as Natural Athletes but 2nd tie breaker is best record against)
6th – Natural Athletes
7th – Hawks

1st – Pizza Delight – Elmwood
2nd – E-Lemonators
3rd – FootClan FC
4th – Steel City FC

Soccer NB Tie-Breaker:

* Playoffs schedule will be made online Thursday or Friday
** To be able to play into the Playoffs a player need to have played a minimum of 3 games

Any questions let me know

Have FUN!


Schedule Update

Hey Captains,
  • The team ‘Kick Vite, Cours Plus Vite’ is now in Division A
All games Kick Vite played doesn’t count
The schedule has been modified for the rest of the season.
Please make sure to let your players know and you might have Double header some Wednesdays
Have FUN!

Pat Leger

2023 Fall Coed Season Opener

Hey Captains,
The Fall 2023 League starts this Wednesday September 6th.
Here are a few reminders:
  • Team fee is 1300$ (to be paid in full before September 13th)
  • All players Must wear proper soccer equipment (cleats, shin guards, soccer socks, no jewelries)
  • Some week your team might be playing 2 games back to back so make sure to check correctly the schedule
  • The schedule will be online soon at www.sportsdome.ca
  • Both team Captains needs to fill out the games sheet before the start of the game. Game sheets are at the front desk

Here is the schedule for Wednesday September 6th:
7:00pm (Left field): Steel City FC vs Kick Vite, cour plus vite
7:00pm (Right field): Inter-Moncton vs SportsDome FC
8:00pm (Left field): Footclan FC vs Pizza Delight-Elmwood
8:00pm (Right field): Poppy Shop FC vs Latinos FC
9:00pm (Left field): E-Lemonators vs Footclan FC
9:00pm (Right field): Natural Athletes vs Hawks
Any questions
Let me know
Thanks and Have FUN!
Pat Léger

2023 Fall Coed Season Registration

Hey Soccer players,
Just to let you know that the SportsDome Coed Fall Soccer League will start soon.
  • Wednesdays 6pm,7pm,8pm,9pm or 10pm games
  • starts on September 6th
  • 8 weeks season (6-7 round robin games + 2-3 Playoffs games)
  • 1300$/team need to be paid before September 13th (100$ late fee)
Hope to see you all soon
Pat Léger

2023 Spring Season Champions


Congrats to the 2 Champions (winner of the 100$ gift card at Cheers + team name on the trophy)

Rec A: Inter-Moncton
Rec B: CB Buddies

The Fall 2023 season will start on Wednesday September 6th. It will be a similar 8 weeks season.

Enjoy your Summer and hopefully we will see your team in the Fall

Thank you

Pat Léger

2023 Spring Coed RecA Division Champions: Inter-Moncton


2023 Spring Coed RecB Division Champions: CB Buddies


2023 Spring Playoffs Schedule

Rec A Division League Playoffs

Rec B Division League Playoffs

Hey Captains,

Here is the reschedule for week one of the playoffs:

REC A (top 4):
6:00pm (CD) – Dust FC (3rd) vs E-Lemonators (2nd)
7:00pm (CD) – Latinos FC (4th) vs Inter-Moncton (1st)
REC A (Bottom 3 consolation):
8:00pm (CD) – Dome FC (7th) vs Hawks (5th)
9:00pm (CD) – Natural Athleles (6th) vs Hawks (5th)
10:00pm (CD) – Dome FC (7th) vs Natural Athletes (6th)
REC B (top 4):
6:30pm (AB) – Pizza Delight (4th) vs E-Lemonators (1st)
7:30pm (AB) – Footclan (3rd) vs CB Buddies (2nd)
REC B (Bottom 4 Consolation):
8:30pm (AB) – Steel FC (8th) vs NBCC (5th)
9:30pm (AB) – Free Agents (7th) vs ABCDE_FC (6th)

2022 Fall Coed Champions

Another season has come to a close, and we have some new faces on the podium for this season’s Adult Coed Soccer league hosted by the SportsDome.

If your looking for more soccer, you don’t need to wait long; the Subway Coed Soccer League starts next week. For more information and to register your team or players CLICK HERE!


2022 Fall Coed RecB Division Champions: e-Lemonators Fun
2022 Fall Coed RecB Division Champions: e-Lemonators Fun


2022 Fall Coed RecA Division Champions: FC Moncton
2022 Fall Coed RecA Division Champions: FC Moncton