2023 Fall Playoff Schedule

Rec A Division League Playoffs

Rec B Division League Playoffs

Hey Captains,

Here is the Regular season standings:

1st – Inter-Moncton
2nd – Kick Vite *12 pts in 6 games (1 game less then others) = 2pts/game average x 7 games (like other teams) = So 14 pts for 7 games
3rd – Latinos FC (same points as Poppy Shop, but 2nd tie-breaker is best record against)
4th – Poppy Shop FC

REC A Consolation Playoffs:
5th – SportsDome FC (same points as Natural Athletes but 2nd tie breaker is best record against)
6th – Natural Athletes
7th – Hawks

1st – Pizza Delight – Elmwood
2nd – E-Lemonators
3rd – FootClan FC
4th – Steel City FC

Soccer NB Tie-Breaker:

* Playoffs schedule will be made online Thursday or Friday
** To be able to play into the Playoffs a player need to have played a minimum of 3 games

Any questions let me know

Have FUN!