2023 Spring Playoffs Schedule

Rec A Division League Playoffs

Rec B Division League Playoffs

Hey Captains,

Here is the reschedule for week one of the playoffs:

REC A (top 4):
6:00pm (CD) – Dust FC (3rd) vs E-Lemonators (2nd)
7:00pm (CD) – Latinos FC (4th) vs Inter-Moncton (1st)
REC A (Bottom 3 consolation):
8:00pm (CD) – Dome FC (7th) vs Hawks (5th)
9:00pm (CD) – Natural Athleles (6th) vs Hawks (5th)
10:00pm (CD) – Dome FC (7th) vs Natural Athletes (6th)
REC B (top 4):
6:30pm (AB) – Pizza Delight (4th) vs E-Lemonators (1st)
7:30pm (AB) – Footclan (3rd) vs CB Buddies (2nd)
REC B (Bottom 4 Consolation):
8:30pm (AB) – Steel FC (8th) vs NBCC (5th)
9:30pm (AB) – Free Agents (7th) vs ABCDE_FC (6th)