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2022 Fall Finals Schedule

Oct 26th:
7pm (AB) – Footclan FC vs Café l’Amiral (3rd Place Game)
8pm (AB) – E-Lemonators FUN vs ABCDE_FC (Final)
7pm (CD) – Latinos FC vs Hawks (3rd Place)
8pm (CD) – Moncton FC vs Natural Athletes (Final)
9pm (CD) – Inter-Moncton vs Pizza Delight – Elmwood (5th Place)

2022 Fall Playoff Schedule

Rec A Division League Playoffs

Rec B Division League Playoffs

Hey Captains,

Here is the reschedule for the last 2 Wednesdays (Playoffs):

Oct 19:
6:00pm AB – Pick up (10$/player)
7:00pm AB – 2nd (Footclan FC) vs 3rd (ABCDE_FC)
8:00pm AB – 4th (Café L’Amiral) vs 5th (Phantoms) *Loser of this game doesn’t play on Oct 26th
9:00pm AB – 1st (E-Lemonators) vs Winner of 4th/5th

6:30pm CD – 4th (Pizza Delight – Elmwood) vs 5th (Latinos FC)
7:30pm CD – 1st (Natural Athletes) vs Winner of 4th/5th
8:30pm CD – 3rd (Inter-Moncton vs 6th (Hawks)
9:30pm CD – 2nd (Moncton FC) vs Winner 3rd/6th

Oct 26th:
6:00pm AB – Pick up
7:00pm AB – 3rd Place Game
8:00pm AB – FINAL (Pizza & wings Party for the winners)

7:00pm CD – 3rd Place Game
8:00pm CD – FINAL (Pizza & wings Party for the winners)
9:00pm CD – 5th Place Game

* Every game needs a winner.
** If tied 3 players shootout (male, female, male). If still tied 1 player shootout female, male, female…
*** Don’t have to be on the field at the end to be a shooter

Have FUN!

Pat Leger