2024 Spring Playoff Schedule Continued

Division A Playoffs
Division B Playoffs
Division C Playoffs


Here is the schedule for May 22nd:
6:30pm (AB) – Atlentico vs Dome (Div B 3rd place)
6:30pm (CD) – Inter-Moncton vs Hawks (Div A 3rd Place)
7:30pm (AB) – E-Lemonators FUN vs Pizza Delight (Div B 5th place)
7:30pm (CD) – White Cab vs Natural Athletes (Div B 1st Place)
8:30pm (AB) – Footclan FC vs Beercelona (Div C 1st Place)
8:30pm (CD) – E-Lemonators vs Latinos (Div A 1st Place)
9:30pm (AB) – Dust FC vs Steel City (Div C 3rd Place)
9:30pm (CD) – Subway vs The Snipers (Div C 5th Place)


* If a player gets a Red Card he’s automatically suspended the next game. If it’s more then 1 game, you’ll received an email.
** To be able to play in the Playoffs, a player needed to play 3 regular season games minimum
*** If the game is tied, it goes straight to 3 player shootout (male, female, male), then 1 shooter female… shooters doesn’t have to be on the field anyone from team can shoot
Have FUN!